Appellate Cases and Other Reported Decisions

Spears v. Garcia, 263 Conn. 22 (2003). A case of significant importance regarding the interpretation of C.G.S. 52-557n, an act that the appellant alleged allowed a direct cause of action in negligence against municipalities.  This case was accepted on a petition for certiorari following the Appellate Court decision on the same issue in Spears v. Garcia, 66 Conn. App. 669 (2001).  Both appellate arguments were presented by Attorney Laske after successfully representing the defendant in the trial court, where summary judgment was ordered. This case was the subject of a front page cover story in the Connecticut Law Tribune on  December  9, 2002 (See enclosed article, “Cities, Tort Lawyers Clash Over Municipal Immunity”).

Crone v. Connelly, 267 Conn. 581 (2004) Issues raised at trial included civil conspiracy, wrongful arrest, violations of U.S.C. Sec. 1983, intentional infliction of emotional distress and malicious prosecution.  Case successfully defended by Attorney Laske on behalf of Superintendent of Schools for the City of Bridgeport at trial and on appeal.  See enclosed article, “Dismissal of Teacher’s Wrongful Arrest Suit Upheld”, January 31, 2003, Connecticut Post).

Board of Education of the City of Bridgeport v. St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company, 261 Conn. 37 (2002). A case of first impression in Connecticut arising from the denial of insurance coverage by the defendant for a sexual assault that took place after students disembarked from a bus operated by the defendant’s insured.  Attorney Laske filed a declaratory judgment for coverage in state court, which was later removed to the United States District Court.  After cross-motions for summary judgment were filed in the District Court, the federal judge certified the issue presented to the Connecticut Supreme Court for an opinion.  The Supreme Court ruled that Attorney Laske’s client was entitled to coverage pursuant to the policy.  This matter was featured in the Connecticut Law Tribune on August 19, 2002.

Baldwin v. Jablecki, 52 Conn. App. 379 (1999).  Appeal of a defendant’s verdict in a premises liability case. 

Bridgeport Community Collaborative v. Ganim, 241 Conn. 546 (1997).  Appeal of a lower court decision dismissing an application for injunctive relief by a community group seeking to gain control of federal economic development funds.  Attorney Laske successfully argued that the plaintiffs lacked the corporate authority to pursue the claim in litigation and the injunction was dismissed.  The Supreme Court upheld the decision. 

Jolly Inc. v. Zoning Board of Appeals of the City of Bridgeport (1996).  Successful defense of a zoning appeal.

Moore v. Ganim, 233 Conn. 557 (1995).  A case referred to by a commentator as “…perhaps the most noteworthy, and surely the most scholarly, state constitutional case of 1995”.  The plaintiff/appellants were six recipients of state assistance who were to be subjected to a termination of their state aid.  They argued, however, that a constitutional right to welfare existed under the terms of the 1818 Connecticut Constitution, and therefore any proposal to terminate them from public assistance would be unconstitutional.  Attorney Laske successfully defeated the claim at the trial court level, and argued the case twice, en banc, to the Connecticut Supreme Court before a 156 page decision was finally issued in support of his position.  The case was the subject of numerous articles in the Connecticut Post, Hartford Courant, New York Times and the Connecticut Law Tribune. (See enclosed article, “Peter’s Third Way” from the Connecticut Law Tribune dated July 26, 1995)

Fanneron v. Baird 39 Conn. App. 921 (1995).  Successful appeal of trial court finding of liability against defendants who sold home to Attorney Laske’s clients without disclosing failed septic system and who took steps to conceal the existence of the defective condition. 

Gajewski v. Pavelo, 36 Conn. App. 601 (1994).  Appeal of trial court verdict in significant personal injury action against City of Bridgeport.  Attorney Laske successfully argued appeal.

Federal Court Cases:
Coregis Insurance v. Goldstein, 32 F. Supp.3d 508 (1998). Attorney Laske successfully prevented summary judgment from issuing in a declaratory judgment action arising from alleged legal malpractice.

Matos v. United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, et al. 995 F. Supp.2d 48 (1997).  Attorney Laske obtained summary judgment on behalf of the City of Bridgeport, its City Council and its Mayor in an action arising from a claim by a community group that it was entitled to receive economic development funds from the federal government.  Judgment was granted on the basis that the plaintiffs lacked standing to bring suit on behalf of the community group.

Feldt v. Sturm Ruger, 721 F. Supp.2d 403 (1989).  Summary judgment granted by the United States District Court on behalf of gun manufacturer.  Attorney Laske successfully argued that under Connecticut choice of law principles, Georgia substantive and procedural law rather than Connecticut law applied in Georgia residents’ product liability suit against Connecticut manufacturer. 

Freedom of Information Commission Decisions:

Fugiero v. Superintendent of Schools of the City of Bridgeport, et al. #FIC 2000-634 (2001).  Successful defense of appeal to the Connecticut State Freedom of Information Commission.