Automobile Negligence

Every day, through no fault of their own, hundreds of individuals are involved in automobile collisions. The effect of these motor vehicle accidents can be devastating: permanent personal injury, the need for surgery, significant medical bills, lost wages and in some cases, lost careers. In the most tragic cases, paralysis or death may occur.

In any motor vehicle accident, an injured person can become quickly overburdened by the pressures of obtaining payment for medical bills, repairing a vehicle, or addressing the issue of lost wages. LaskeLaw, LLC has represented victims of automobile negligence since 1993, and we are prepared to work with you immediately after an accident to minimize the effects of such an event.

We regularly work with your medical providers to obtain a clear evaluation of your injuries, present and future medical costs, and the extent of any permanent injury. Our experience has been that insurance companies will only resolve a claim in a favorable manner if you have a clear and forceful advocate working on your behalf, one who is capable of representing your interests in court if that becomes necessary.

Where necessary, we will use the services of private investigators and experts in the fields of accident reconstruction, economic loss, and vocational rehabilitation in order to make a jury fully understand issues of liability and damages.

In the event that your claim requires arbitration, as opposed to a trial before a jury, our office has successfully prosecuted arbitrations of uninsured and underinsured claims. Attorney Laske has also served as an arbitrator in numerous cases, as a neutral as well as on behalf of parties.

Examples of the types of automobile negligence cases we have handled for our clients include:

  • As a result of an automobile collision, a young physician developed Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, a painful, permanent and debilitating condition affecting both of her arms. We prosecuted an underinsured arbitration that resulted in a significant award for her pain, suffering, and the loss of her career;
  • The negligent operation of a tractor-trailer caused a collision with a van that resulted in the van being pushed forward into a guard rail, seriously injuring the 30 year old man inside. After undergoing fusion surgeries to his lower back, being immobilized in a body cast for months, and losing an opportunity to operate a family floor sanding business, we tried the matter to a jury and received a significant award for the plaintiff;
  • A young woman was involved in a motor vehicle accident on I-95 in Virginia while returning from a family vacation. She received injuries to her neck that required surgery. We filed a lawsuit on her behalf in the Eastern District of Virginia, which resulted in the surrender of the defendant driver’s policy limits, and a subsequent underinsured action recovered the full policy limits of the plaintiff’s personal underinsured motorist benefits;

In any case where you, or a loved one, are injured by another driver, you can be sure that the insurance company for the other driver will have adjusters, experts, and attorneys involved in order to limit their exposure for your injuries. In the unfortunate event that you or someone you care about is injured in a motor vehicle collision, don’t make the mistake of trusting your future to the insurance carrier for the defendant. We believe that our office can provide to you the kind of representation - from the time the claim is made until it settles or is tried - that you deserve.