Medical Malpractice

In the unfortunate event that you, or a member of your family, have been harmed through the actions of a medical provider, LaskeLaw llc represents victims of medical malpractice. We understand that, in certain tragic situations, patients do not receive the standard of care that they deserve from their medical providers, and that as a result they can suffer catastrophic harm.

We are committed to working with victims of medical malpractice to bring to light the circumstances that led to their injuries. In doing so, we work to enable these victims to be compensated for their harm, while seeking to expose the causes of the harm to help ensure others will not suffer the same fate in the future.

Examples of the types of cases we have handled for families that have suffered losses through medical malpractice include:

- We represented the family of an elderly gentleman who was admitted to a hospital but was not provided with a diagnostic test ordered by his attending physician. The test was never administered, and the patient died unnecessarily as a result of the condition that the ordered test would likely have discovered;
- We represented a young woman whose suffered injury when she was discharged after delivering her child, despite showing symptoms of a retained placenta. Despite numerous calls to her physician detailing her condition, the condition was not properly diagnosed for over a week, when she was rushed to the emergency room after suffering significant hemorrhaging and blood loss;

Of course, not every bad medical result is proof of malpractice. We will evaluate your particular situation to allow you to understand whether medical malpractice actually took place, and if so what options exist for you and your family.