Referral of Cases

As a lawyer dedicated to the trial of difficult matters,  Art Laske gladly accepts cases on referral from attorneys who need the services of a trial lawyer.

Many lawyers find themselves in the position of conferring with a client about a matter that is not within their particular area of expertise. When a client requires the services of a litigator, many lawyers refer these matters to our office in order to more adequately serve the needs of their clients.


Art will meet with the client and a referring attorney to discuss his approach to litigation and to explain what can be expected during the litigation process. If the client is satisfied with Art's approach to the case, and if he determine that the case is sufficiently strong and is within his area of expertise, Art will enter into a relationship with the client. Art will gladly continue working with the office of the referring attorney, keeping the referring attorney involved and informed about the status of the case. In the event that the referring attorneys wish to be more involved in the case, including participation in the trial, Art are more than pleased to include them in the process of trying the case.

The fee sharing arrangement with the referring attorneyis dependent to a large extent on the status of the case when Art get's involved in the representation of the client.  Art will enter a fee sharing arrangement regarding the fees generated in these cases with the referring attorney, and a reasonable division of the fee recovered will be established depending on how early Art is asked to get involved in the matter, the extent of the referring attorney's continuing role in the case, and the overall complexity of the matter. 

With regard to any matter involving civil litigation, whether for the plaintiff or the defendant, Art has developed the expertise and ability to step into the trial of a matter during any stage of the litigation process. While it is always preferable to take a case over in the earlier stages of the claim or suit, Art has taken over the prosecution or defense of cases during the pleading process, as discovery is proceeding, and on the eve of trial.

Art is very willing to meet with attorneys to review cases they have in their offices to determine whether he can assist in the prosecution or defense of a particular matter. If an attorney does not wish to refer a case, but would simply like to have Art reviewed the case in order to assist in its preparation, an agreement can be reached to allow Art's to add his insight and expertise to the preparation of your case.

Art welcomes the chance to assist you in your efforts to serve your clients’ needs. Please call or send us an e-mail if you'd like to discuss how Art can assist you in serving your client's needs.